FIX MY CAR is a new Start-up in the Brussels community. The founder developped it with Startlab, the incubator of Solvay Brussels School. The young company aims to disrupt the car maintenance market by allowing the automobile owner to stay home while his service is carried out. All in a fixed rate. Here are some words from the founder:

“Prices currently charged by Auto Centers or Dealerships are aribtrary. We never know what we are going to pay up front, and could possibly end up with an oil change bill of 600 euros. A provider can claim to have done a “50 point” check, or full computer check but these are baseless arguments, which take advantage of the publics lack of general knowledge of car mechanics. One can not be an expert in everything and that’s far from a reason to allow this kind of treatment. It is time to make auto maintenance adapt to the times.”

“It is clearly possible to offer a maintenance service at a transparent price. With a fixed rate in advance, no unpleasant surprises are possible. This is the 21st century, and our time is precious. There is no longer a reason to waste two hours of our life waiting in the garage. Mechanics can be mobile without a problem, thanks to the advancements of the tools. By focusing on quality, with a certified mechanic and a one-year service guarantee, traditional providers will have to question themselves.”

Arnaud Pauly, 14/07/2019