Oil change near me in Malaga provincia: Get a mobile mechanic to carry out your oil change

Your car is past its maintenance due date and you are looking for a reliable service provider near you to carry out the oil change. You can choose another solution: a mechanic comes to your place to do the maintenance. Fix My Car explains how to do it.

oil change at home

Why choose a home car maintenance instead of looking for an oil change near me?

The first and foremost reason is time saving and convenience: you schedule an appointment in a few minutes, and the mechanic comes to perform the service at your place, so you do not have to wait at the garage for the oil change to be performed. You can use this time for yourself.

The mechanic is working in front of you. You are the witness in real time of the good completion of the maintenance. This way, you are sure that the work is done well, and moreover you can ask all the questions you want.

You know your mechanic. No receptionist, no waiting room. You interact directly with the person who works on your beloved car.

How does it work? Home mechanic: The easy way

After booking your oil change, the mechanic comes to the customer. He is equipped with the appropriate tools to perform the intervention. Thus, the car is lifted by a hydraulic jack and placed on jackstands to change the oil. Then, the classic operations (replacement of filters, refilling of fluids, tire pressure, brake and tire wear, headlights check) of a maintenance are performed on the spot. Once finished, the mechanic returns the keys and sends a report with photos to the customer. The start-up Fix My CAr offers a Uber-like service in car maintenance.

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