Car Maintenance at home

245€ TAX inc.

Has the maintenance indicator lit up on your dashboard? Is it time for the ITV test? Then now is the time to do a periodic maintenance of your vehicle. It is essential to keep your car in good condition to ensure its longevity.

Home Maintenance: 245€ – 2 hours service

What if I don’t have space for a car service at my home? And what if it rains?

In either of these cases, our mechanic will come to your home and drive your vehicle to one of our garages at no additional cost. We will return your vehicle once it is serviced. The drive from and to your home is covered by our insurance as is the maintenance.


All-inclusive price: travel, parts and labour; pay nothing more than the displayed price.

Basic maintenance: oil filter, oil change, 5 checks and refill | Full maintenance: simple maintenance + air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter or spark plugs