The services are carried out at your home or workplace. All-inclusive price: travel, parts and labour.



> Oil filter replacement

> Oil change

> Checks & refills

Full Maintenance 345€: Basic Maintenance + air filter, cabin filter, fuel filter or spark plugs

Battery replacement

65€ + battery at cost price

> We do not take a margin on the battery

> You can get us the battery if you wish

Brake pads


> Replacement of front or rear brake pads

> Tire pressure

Brake discs and pads


> Replacement of front or rear brake discs and pads

> Tire pressure

Wheel swapping


> Swapping your summer-winter wheelsets

> Wheel storage

> Tire pressure

This only applies to wheels already mounted, we do not yet offer rim mounting.

Problème démarrage

My car does not start


Our mechanic will get to your car and start it with cables (if possible). He will then diagnose the starting problem.

Car light no longer working


> Bulb replacement

(different price in case of laser/xenon headlights)

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