Car battery near me: A mechanic comes to your place

Looking for a car battery near me ? If your battery is dead because you left your car a long time without switching it on, or just because its lifetime is passed, you will have to replace it. And generally it means to pay for a tow truck. But there is an alternative: Have your battery replaced at home.

Car battery near me

What would it cost me to have a mechanic replace my car battery near me ?

Companies like Fix My Car have factory prices on the batteries. And Fix My Car charges the service 65€, for the work time and the journey to your place. So, this seems contradictory, but in most cases it will be cheaper to have it done by a mobile mechanic than doing it yourself. Because the resellers take a margin of 100%. For example, your battery costs 170€, if you buy it yourself. In case of a mobile mechanic, your total cost will be 150€: 65€ for the service + 85€ for the same battery. How is it possible ? Three reasons: factory prices on batteries, no margin taken on it, and the fact that vat is deducted by the company.

How does it work ?

You will have to book your battery replacement online. First your fill your details, and the ones of your car. Next enter the most suitable time and date for your, and also the location it has to take place, wherever in all Málaga Provincia. You are all set, the mechanic comes with your new battery and carry out the battery replacement of your car.

The battery used is generally from the brand Varta, or an equivalent one regarding quality but cheaper. The decision is yours. But it always goes with a two years warranty.

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